Work – Life Balance With Baby Care

Hello readers, pleased to have you here.

I had been a working woman for over 5 years now. I was good at work and had been able to keep the boss and clients happy. I was also time punctual and managed my day well. I have good friends who I hangout with during the weekends.

Last year I got married to the love of my life and I got pregnant about 2 months after my wedding. Since we were dating for nearly 2 years before getting married, my husband & I decided to keep the baby. My husband is a hardworking employee at another corporate firm and he also freelances for supporting our lifestyle.

My Pregnancy was a tough period because it was my first time but it was also a lovely experience. I was getting to feel my baby’s growth and motions inside me. It was a great attachment I had with my baby those days. My husband also supported me a lot through the tough times when I was in pain and nausea.

I delivered my baby Tim in January 2019, and it was an overwhelming being a nursing mother since then. I cried a lot every time I saw my baby. To me, it was a grand success of my love life with my husband. I watched my baby for hours when he slept and I loved him so much more than I ever thought. Feeding my baby was also fun and calming. I was happy my baby was healthy and active.

BUT… as my maternity leave came to an end, the toughest part started. The biggest question was WHO WOULD FEED THE BABY???

I couldn’t take my baby at work and a 3 months old baby still can’t leave without mother’s breast milk. The best idea was to have some of my milk stored but then getting my breast milk out in a container wasn’t as easy as we thought. We needed something convenient and quicker.

That was when I saw a post on social media telling me the best breast pumps and their biggest benefits. For me that was an angel telling me the solution to my biggest problem and related to me directly:

After seeing this, I showed it to my husband and we both celebrated for hours because we had found our solution. But, our budget for the week was low and we had to choose our product wisely. We discussed this with our Doctor and she recommended Medela Pump-In-Style Breast Pump for me.

Then, I noticed an icing on the cake. FREE BREAST PUMP with Aetna Inurance order. WOW!!! It was the best day of my life. I placed my order with the Lucina Care website right away from their insurance page:

Now that I have my free Medela Breast Pump which I obtained by placing an insurance order, I am the happiest mother possible.

I can now peacefully go to work, while my husband takes care of the baby because he has another work shift. When even my husband is at work, I call my sister or my mother to take care of the baby and they love being with my little Timmy.

I am a happy user of Medela Breast Pump and will recommend all working mothers to buy it to bring some peace and relaxation to your life.

Cheers & Happy Nursing!!! 😁

~ Loving Mother!

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